Who is eligible to obtain free supplies at The Donation Depot?  

1. Any Texas foster child living in DFPS custody is eligible to “shop” in The Donation Depot. This includes children living in DFPS approved relative placement homes and grandchildren placed into DFPS approved grandparent homes.
2. College-age foster children who are attending school and have assigned themselves back into DFPS custody.
3. Foster children living in an Independent Living program who have signed themselves back into DFPS custody.
4. Any child/family that is in need and receive a referral from one of community partners.

What kind of documentation is needed? 

We require a placement letter from the Department of Family & Protective Services showing that the child you are shopping for is in your care or a referral form from our community partner.  Please bring your letter/form with you to your appointment.

 How often can my families visit The Donation Depot?

Families can receive supplies on a monthly basis.

 Do I need an appointment?

1. Please call 682-233-4475 to schedule an appointment to shop.  We want to make sure that your family gets everything needed by providing you with individualized attention.  Please make every attempt to honor your appointment time.  If  you are unable to make your appointment, we appreciate 24 hours notification.

 What are your hours?                    

Every Wednesday – 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

 What Items are available?

* Sheets, Pillows, Blankets, Comforters, Bedspreads
* Foam mattresses, mattress covers (when available)
* Pots and Pans, Silverware, Cutting boards,
* Small Kitchen Appliances, Cups/Glasses, Beverage dispensers
* Books, Toys, travel size games
* Curtains, Curtain rods/ends
* Towels
* Bath rugs, Bath sets, Shower curtains/liners/rings
* Rugs
* Picture frames, candles
* And much, much more!

How many items can a family have?

The number of other items given out varies according to the family size and supplies available.

What is your return or exchange policy? 

No exchanges or returns.

What if a child leaves my home? 

Any item given to a child by The Donation Depot should remain with the child in the event the child leaves your home. 

Where are you located?

The Donation Depot is located at the HFCC Administrative Office at 2619 Gravel Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76118.

NOTE: Items received from The Donation Depot are intended to be used by the families and are not intended for resale.