Refining Youth

Refining Youth is anafter-school mentoring program that is designed to provide support to young women ages 11-17 that are in or out of school, promote and develop self-worth, a positive identity and sense of purpose and empowerment.  We also help connect youth with the appropriate services and programs to increase academic achievement.  Refining Youth is inspiring adolescent girls to identify themselves as valuable, powerful young women.  

Refining Youth promotes the developmental assets that help young people to be healthy, caring and responsible. We provide services to youth in at-risk situations and their families. The purpose of the program is to reduce family conflict and to prevent the problems of runaway, truancy and delinquent behaviors by: helping youths and their families resolve crises that threaten their capacity to live together; helping youths and their families develop skills to cope with problems and stresses in their homes; helping parents resume and maintain their parental responsibility; and providing short term placement for youths whose immediate return home is not advisable.

Using a strengths approach, the program aims to facilitate healthy discussions and experiential learning. The topics covered in our sessions include, but not limited to, communication, relationships, sexual goal planning, help-seeking and self-esteem, conflict resolution and anger management. 

For more information and to register, call 682-233-GIRL (4475)

Talk that Improves Without Nagging

Help kids express emotions through dialogue Giving effective feedback

Express Emotions Constructively

* Getting Love, Giving Love
* Help a child wrestle worries and fears
* How to say thank you
* Make an apology pot

 Coping with Anger and Stress

* BrainSTORM
* Help kids cool down when they’re stressed
*Don’t become a human volcano

Lessen Power Struggle & Improve Decision-Making

* No losers with win-win
* More choice – less struggle; more choices – fewer power struggles
* Answers at hand