Youth Connect

Youth Connect is an eleven-week program developed to provide a relevant life skills program for young women ages 11-17.  The program examines the most effective way of engaging, empowering, mentoring and inspiring adolescent girls to identify themselves as valuable, powerful and beautiful young women.  The program aims to address these issues by providing young women with an opportunity to develop their knowledge, resilience and self-worth. 

Youth Connect helps young people to be healthy, caring and responsible.  It is believed that the more assets a young person gains, the more likely they are to have success at school and the less likely they are to engage in high-risk behaviors.  

This program indicates that positive growth is fostered in young people when they experience a feeling of connectedness to others and to society.  They feel a sense of control and competency and they have a stable identity.

Central to the program’s frame of reference is the strengths-based philosophy.  This approach acknowledges that each person has strengths to uncover and develop.  If young people are engaged in meaningful relationships and meaningful activities, they will develop their strengths and increase their ability to respond well to present and future life challenges.  Using strengths approach, The Youth Connect program aims to facilitate healthy discussions and experiential learning.  It provides support, guidance and boundaries for healthy development and mental health.

The classes are held on Saturdays in three-hour sessions, one day a week for eleven weeks. The groups are led by instructors who have extensive experience working with youth and their families. 

Click here to print a Registration Form. Registration is required prior to the class. 

For more information and to register, call 682-233-GIRL (4475)